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YawnBlog : Wake-Up Call
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Wake-Up Call

Hello, travelers, and welcome to… the YawnBlog! This will be your go-to source for all things YawnLog, including a check on downtimes, new features, and fun little things along the way. We have lots of things planned for our little monster, and you can check here to see how we are doing. For starters, here was the tounge-in-cheek press release we sent out the mornng YawnLog was born. We hope you enjoy YawnLog, and happy Zlogging!

YawnLog Launches The Web 2.0 Solution For Sleep
FEBRUARY 22, 2009 (CAMBRIDGE, MA) — After a breakneck final 24 hour development session in Cambridge this weekend, YawnLog is ready for its final release. YawnLog is a new social enterprise web application and networking service that allows you to track the length and quality of your sleep cycles as well as the content of your dreams.

Led by a crack team of programmers, designers, and social media experts from colleges in the New England area–including Harvard, Tufts, Boston University, Northeastern, Central Connecticut State, and Olin College–the application launched this Sunday to an assembled audience at the annual SleepDex ‘09 conference.

Greg Marra, founder and CEO of YawnLog, was inspired to create the product by his own study habits. “As a college student,” he explained during questions at the public launch of the site, “I find myself frequently staying up late . . . . I wanted a way to collect informatics on my own sleep habits so I could better learn how stress affects my sleep schedule.” He figured if he could make use of a tool for monitoring his sleep, others could as well.

Based off of recent Harvard Medical School research in the August edition of Scientific ¬†American Mind suggesting “that during slumber, the brain engages in data analysis, from strengthening memories to solving problems” and recent developments in the personal informatics sector, YawnLog seeks to provide quality data to users about sleep. In pairing this data with friends and peers, YawnLog seeks to experiment with the concept that social context provides the necessary awareness to empower users to shape their own sleep schedules.

As we lead busier and busier lives it often becomes easier to neglect our health. Often this manifests itself through a lack of meaningful and restorative sleep. YawnLog allows users to track your sleep and dreams in an easy, fun, and intuitive manner.

“All you have to do is tell us when you went to sleep, and when you woke up. You can even tell us what you’re dreaming about, or tell us how well you slept,” explained Alex Jarvis, Director of Public Relations at YawnLog, “Was your sleep this weekend serene? Was it restless? Did you dream about flying? YawnLog lets you answer these questions.”

YawnLog will allow users to find their friends and keep track of their sleep and dreams as well. The site also provides advanced geotagging capability to sort information for users across both local neighborhoods and around the world.

Positioning itself squarely in the intersection between strong online social media communities and the exploding business of cloud computing, YawnLog seeks to be a dominating player in the space. As Mac Cowell, CTO of YawnLog development stated in a recent interview, “YawnLog is Sleep 2.0. What else is there to say? We are going to do for sleep what Google did for Internet.”

-The Yawnlog Dev Team,

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